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 Post subject: con humanoid shape buff?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:39 am 

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i think the lizardfolk whipmaster shape is awful
all they get as a special ability is disarm(whip)

meanwhile, kobold commandos get a SCYTHE, and shifter blood frenzy unlimited times per day, AND power attack, and being small on top of that, and then the drow get HiPS, 5d6 sneak attack, undispellable UVs, spell resistance, AND 1 turn darkness unlimited times per day... and short swords are also better than whips

I think lizardfolk whipmaster shape should get an extra ability of some sort, even if its just called shot or just whirlwind attack or regular expertise or... whip-specific feats; they are called whipmasters, after all, and whips ARE only a 20/x2 weapon, with 1 damage type
weapon of choice(whip) and increased multiplier+ki critical might actually work out well, or even just WF+IC+WS: whip
16-20/x3 compared to 18-20/x4 is a very small difference(10 vs. 9), as is 14-20/x4 compared to 16-20/x5(21 vs. 20)
without exotic weapon proficiency, you'd only be able to get up to 17-20/x3 with whips, which isn't as good as 18-20/x4

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:47 pm 
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I have to agree that the lizardfolk form is somewhat of an under performer compared to other humanoid shape forms, and perhaps what you suggest may be a decent solution and fairly easy to implement. I haven't actually put much thought into making a lizardfolk shifter as there are a number of things about it that I don't like, so I can't really give any more serious comment on it.

As relates to shifters in general, the forms are some of the hardest things on the server to correctly balance for various forms of play. A lot of effort has been put into them on numerous occasion and they have undergone huge changes throughout the course of the server. I find the current incarnation fairly acceptable in general, but for myself, I would prefer that if time were taken, beyond the very minimal, to correct any of the shifter forms, that it was taken to correct the unbalance to the forms that are generally intended to be endgame forms.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:53 pm 
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Lizard has a few statistically great tanky builds that are sad because 0 damage. The other big one is just general shifter weaknesses making it hard to justify doing that over other dex builds.

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