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A Persistent World For Neverwinter Nights

Contact Information

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Technical Support

For technical problems involving the NS module, server, and or player characters post in the help forum on the boards.

Development Team Contacts

  • DeputyDog: (Founder)
  • Flailer: (Dev - Retired)
  • (Dev - Retired)
  • Lokey: (Grandaddy of all things that we dont know how to do)
  • Pros:
  • Mining: (Dev)
  • DM Sultan: (Server Host)

Special Thanks

  • Crymson - Creature Design (NS4)
  • Grumpy - Sunken Isle Design
  • Riptorn - Long Time Supporter
  • All members of our awesome, dedicated DM Team!
  • All of our donators and supporters
  • And naturally, all of our players for making the game what it is: Fun
  • Moogy, who inspired us to do great things.
  • And Joran - his code has served as some of the bedrock on which we now stand.