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Official Guilds in Aetheria
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Author:  DM_Kim [ Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Official Guilds in Aetheria

Faction: Ancient Ones
City: Sleeth
Active Guilds: 1. Horsemen of Neversummer {-=HNs=-} 2. Profiteers of War and Destruction {PWnD}

Faction: Mystral Ascendancy
City: Garagoth
Active Guilds: 1. Guild of Death & Strife {GODS} 2. ::MADD::

Faction: Northern Coalition
City: Daeron
Active Guilds: 1. Clericus Liberatus Anno Domini {CLAD} 2. Fists of the North {FoN}

Faction: Shadow Legion
City: Menzoduran
Active Guilds: 1. Death Dealers ::DD:: 2. Illithid Order [IO]

Faction: Ragnar's Kin
City: Dwarven Stronghold
Active Guilds: 1. Ragnar's Reavers {RR} 2. The Legendary Brethren [tLB]

Faction: The Circle
City: Melencia
Active Guilds: 1. The Silver Striders (TSS) 2. (open for application)

These are your official Guilds. For more information please visit:

or contact a member of the guild through their forums below.

(Next Guild Review in December 2009)

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