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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:20 am 
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:shock: Last nite after the return of several missed and beloved DM's. A triumphant return was marked by a brave group of adventures finding themselves in the midst of heated epic bloody battle. After the bloodlust had cooled, many shocking events unfolded.

The Goddess Tymora retuned to our beloved Avendale bearing gifts for the fateful and doom for the weak and greedy of heart. Many lined upoutside avendales mighty protected, and yes once safe gates to rejoice in bounty of the day.

It was my first time inthe presence of the mightyTymora, the irrepressible Brandobarious, please forgive this young one if even one of your wonderious letter is a kilt M'Lords and Ladies but even royalty such as myself is rarely in the presence of a Goddess let alone a pathion of Gods. Sonow i begin this story at its origin.

"I was born ..., yes my lord i shall endevor to keep thismore to the point. It was a crisp wonderious day almost early evening, and only my second day in the wonderious protected city of Avendale. i come from a long line of royalty and have ventured frth to find my own riches and fame; my as you will come to fear is Cannibal King of PWnD. though i am young i have been trained in many of the arts of the world, but nothing prepared me for what i saw last nite.

The Goddess Tymora invited all to come forward and risk their lives to celebrate her triumphant return. Three large wonderious chests lay upon the Silver road before avendale near the guards shack, with several God's in attendance to the events that unfolded.

I donot kow if it was the prize or the bloodlust that turned my good friend into teh crazed murderer that he became but i digress. Many came forward encluding myself to test my skills at judging which of the three large chests contained either life and experience, a cheerished instrument of knowledge nd wisdom, or certain death.

Time and time again one mighty adventurer after enough showed much skill and cunning by chosing the correct chest to live, and enhance their life. Though the amount of xp may have been small the thrill of chance was so very high, one could taste the excietment in the air as warriors of the battle field stood so close to their swornenemies as to tel you what the runes upon their neckless's said. many a warroir held hand to sword, hammar or scythe. cleric's eyed mortal enemies left and right ready to implode all but the strongest adventures that would cross their paths. Mages and sorc's alike mysteriously held onto their wands and staffs clinging ot the shadows ever watching, ever at the ready for thing this young one could not phathom.

One by one they came and many were rewarded with life save one that my emerald eyes beheld. Shamed {FON}; a mighty cleric caster of some report chose a cursed chest that released a mysterious vapor of dark grey gas. His eyes became hollow orbs, empty dead sockets stared back into the crowd that quickly backed away with some report of gasps and screams. Even these hardened adventures had not seen such gastly events before form teh looks on their faces even my warm dragon's blood began to chill. The though of warm meat on their grill; sorry, i am a cannable and it was soo soo close to dinner time.

Right after this one last adventure of some Fame with in the TSS ranks came forward claiming to have sloved the puzzle. She stepped forward even as one of the Gods restored Shamed to health and life. She claimed the prize and endded the event on a positive note.
Recieving a ancient tomb of wisdom from th egods was a wonderious sight indeed.

At that point i am not sure what started it or when, but sword went to hand, incantations escaped lips and all hell broke out. I was slain quickly and raised by one of the Gods, and warned. "If you dare to stay and watch these events we shall not be responsible for your safety, but admire your resolve." With this the small winged God swiftly scamppered off into the midest of the battle.

Finally Denire himself appeared in soem strange new form and spoke in a deep voice of thunder and wisdom. "IF my children wish to fight then the Gods shall provide you something to fight indeed !" His floating form faded into and out of sight andin one crisp flash blinded all save the other Gods present. The battle had now begun in ernest.

Loth Queen of the spiders appeared form some dark corner of hell itself, such a blood lust I have never seen in all of my very young years of life; but she would make a great cannibal. mom would like her... sorry my lord only the facts.

From war machines, to many of the dark and wonderious creatures did come forth. Then in battle the powerful voice of Denire spoke yet again "If you wish true adventure follow the portal foolish humans children; but prepare for each step to be your last." Lights exploded, all colors of the rainbow sounds so wonderious you canonly imagine and one by one the adventures where drawn into a votex to unknown places to myself. I had to follow even though my legs refused to move, for my heart longed for battle. I may have been the weakest memeber there. In my heart I would die a thousand times to see such wonders at such a young age.

First stop: A dark place of evil and death, the bones of many a dead adventure lay before my feet as I crawled into the darkness to find myself before a might skeleton dragon Draco. SHAME was busy resurecting some fallen warroir as I was over come with an aura of pure FEAR ! A mighty Dwarfain Defender I later found to be a mighty little stump known as Khrugrum, a fearce warrior that you do not wish to find yourself upon the wrong side of his axe trust me what he did to many a beast and dragon this nite was horrific.

I saw a mighty warrior i believe by the name of Deuliux; I believe and Rayen holding their own in battle with sword and scythe driving home their individual ponts so to speak. another young player far braver than I whos name I am not sure of but sounded something liek or was enclosed with the letter <A> moved almost as fast as a monk save I was told his faction has no such class of peoples. He shall be a wise opponent in years to come I fear.

Shame imploded somethingor some one and the portal now pulled us once more into yet another place afar. One by one they where swished away into a void of darkness; blinded by some sight mortals should never see only to awaken in the midst of an epic battle.

Second Stop: the positive plain of the white lord himself. Palidain's, Cleric's and energons alike decended upon us to take up arms for their Lord of that bright and glorious realm. Many a defender dropped form the blows landed by mighty axes swords and spells. In the end two great realm's had been seen and defeated what lay ahead in this wonderious jouney ?

Third Stop: Negative plain, at level 38 I am told this is a forbidding place dark hazed with the spray of blood form the constant battle that rages within this dark fiery realm. At level 20 its just a bad dream that turns into a nightmare; but at level 6 a mire child as compard to many of the others here, certain death.

I died several times, once over come with fear so badly that the fatal blow could have been a scratch I would have died form the fear of the touch rather than the wound itself. Several times one cleric or another Rayne or Shamed or some experience fighter or mage took the time to bring me back from death itself to once more report this battle to you the loyal reader.

Four Stop: A place of formitable awe. We found ourselves within the inner sanctium of Loth herself. Think swirls of webbing drapped an open space that only inspire fear, it was not something you felt, but could actually touch. My body was covered in webbing. Loths faithful decended upon us like a horde of locust. The clerics earned their gold this night raising one the yet another all the while onthe run form the faithful of the darkness. I died so many times here I cannot acutally report that Loth fell to any one sword, axe, scythe or spell. The next thing I knew we where once more in Avendale boosting of our adventure and linning up for rewards.

Now Loth herself once more appeared and began to destroy the party for daring to enter her private domain. Several of her dark mortal follower's came to support her only to find that she needed nothing nor anyone, she only craved sacrific, and human blood. She was almost dead at the hand's of Khugrums might dwarfian axe when she transformed into the biggest most deadly spider I have seen anywhere.

A dozen times larger than things form the underdark, or mountain, she filled most of the Avendale road. Several times I was complled to join the battle only to be instantly killed, then slimmed and belly rubbed into an early grave by the veminous one herself... I felt so so USED. I really need a change of cloths any one have some BLACK CLOTH out there they are not using? I got the same reaction form the Gods, laughter can be the cruelest blade of all, cutting deeply for years, and yet its deadly marks go unseen to all.

The battle went back and forth for more hours than I could count dying so many times that I could not tell when I was viewing the actions of others form this world or the next, at times I felt I was looking into a small viewing screen upon the whole world as any would recgonize it. After the dust had settled many still craved the call to battle and the sweet taste of blood. This is when the atrocitie occured.

Inside the safety of our beloved Avendale, in the blessed home of the their first family early that nite it happened. I not if it was a poor roll of the d20 dice or words chanted by Loth herself.; But at some point as the spoils of battle where being laid to plunder, an evil shade over took SHAMED {FON}. He Murdered in cold blood, with Rancorous fury Mrs. Carnston so quickly I could not believe a mortal could die so fast. I looked once more into those dead black orbs as he cast implodetion upon the first family. Mr. Cranston was dropped mere feet from his beloved wife. In plain sight of the many Gods present. Great thunder rolled into the inner works of that home.

A moment passed and Denire spoke and then Brandobarbious and Tymora all calling out the evil Shamed {FON} placing a mark of evil upon his SHAMED head. Black acidlike dropplets fell upn the oaken floor staini git in acid like pools of sorrow. SHAMED {FON} ran for his life refusing the justice of the GODS. RAN I SAY !

The Gods in judgement declared that SHAMED {FON} for killing the Loyal and faithful of Avendale did this nite mark SHAMED {FON} a Homicadal Maniac and a serial killer of the first order. As punnishment his Champoin of TORM was stripped of his rightious standing and left evil, yes I SAID HE WAS MARKED AS EVIL, something all of you know what that would mean. They told him to regain his rightious standing that he would:

ONE: have to make a new toon and level him to 40. SHAMED REFUSED Brandobarious

A second offer: He would have to make a toon and use a cursed item that inflicted 1d4 neg damage every time he used it as he leveled for a time. SHAMED REFUSED Tymora.

Third: Denier demanded his blood as payment and cursed him with an evil alignment declaring any warrior brave enough and quick enough would be greatly rewarded for slaying SHAMED. He ran like the little girl he truly was (heehee). SHAMED {FON} screams could be heard all over Ahteria just under the rumbling laughter of the GODS themselves. Rhyan of the TSS got the killing blow and recieved soem item of great value for her efforst all Atheria must rejoyce and her Valuant actions this nite. Her sycthe delievered the killing blow of justice, what other tortures await this fallen hero I cannot say, but kiling him may bring you Favor with the Gods I know he offened several of them by killing the innocent in a manner only pleasing to Loth herself, but maybe he was posscessed by the nearness of evil itself.

Many where over taken this nite I myself was forced into certain death from within the safety of the gates of Avendale to the belly of Loth's hidious spider form. Avendale really needs a dry cleaners badly, maybe Elvine the vendor, has a cousin Morty; or someone who could open a magical Dry Cleaning service for lowbies to enchant their mere robes for a price to help them up and down the mountian, oh well it was a though.

Well I would suggest that if you read this post and get a chance while the DM is on; to just go kill SHAMED{FON}, he's been a bad boy, and who knows you too may gain favor with a power God as Rhayen Silverblades of the TSS did, and on a personal note it was an inspiring kill WHACK he was gone !"

Well I must retire now for I have two fresh sides of meat to cook, say anyone got 30 extra gallons of sause? HEY I AM A CANNIBAL, bite ya real soon :twisted:

Faithfully submitted Cannibal King PWnD
Cook you later and we love it when u scream !

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