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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:59 pm 
Pk Bait
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Last night after many battles that where well fought form the gates of Neversummer, to the front yard of Avendale, this is the image that haunts the soul. I have trained for years to become a worhty student of my master call. I had searched for years to find that inner dark light that would drive me to greater heights, knowing that any fool can blindly follow a light, but that only the bravest of souls would dare to not only peep into the darkness but dare to stair until some...thing stairs back and asks the question.
..."Are you willing to Give all to me ?"

The words are more of a dare, than a challenge. Is my will stronger that the evil force that pulls at my soul. Where the light strenghtens you resolve to comfort you with your dark choices. Darkness dares you to step into the void and stand alone. Each moment is but a blink away form the drowning crushing dephts offered by evil itself. You must inch your way to a point that you cannot look back, nor hope for help form some would be friend. No the dark Fiend that calls to you is evil itself, either you are its equal or its Master. Whatever happenes, you are truly alone. As you stand surrounded by that, the might of the darkness may or more than likely NOT rewarded you for your devotion to its unending power, now you learn its true cost.
..."Then Serve me even after death itself."

Now you may learn my dark lords name, but once you hear it, you too shall be drawn to its dark power( **This is were weaker players of less than 2 yrs play are advised to turn to a another channel for safty sake, you must be at least this tall to ride this ride; thank you the management.)

I was found worth to serve my Dark Lord i can only hope that if i peer deeply enough into the darkness he will find favor in me and allow my to view his presence. I serve the Dark Lord of the Dead Kelemvor. I have not proven myself yet, but i will strive to be his devoted servant even after death. For this pledge he has revealed many things unto my dark heart. Many have questioned this new and powerful God that many have spoken of, but no one has seen. Kelemvor has given me inner sight and i now see what until now has been unseen. The God Banjo is not a myth; but a powerful warrior God. I know not what he was doing in the Ice Crypt, for i was on my way to serve my Lord Kelemvor. But witnessed frist hand one of his servants prostate himself on the ground in agony after allowing another Goddess to lure him away form Banjo.

Never had i witnessed such open sorrow, weeping, crying and the pitiful wails of sorrow were like a choir unto my Dark Lord's Ears. This lesson is was not wasted upon me for within it lay a message. NO matter how many riches one is offered losing favor with one's true God is a bitter sorrow that will cost a soul dearly. Do not be tempted my children if called to darkness, there is no turning back, even after death.

"...I have heard the call of Darkness, its sweet cries of joys in a land of sorrows and death are like a feast unto my Dark Lord. I stand in the darkness, a warrior of the Shadows, but i server only one; MYSELF. My lord KELEMVOR, first of the Dark lords is my mentor and inner voice. Hear his call and serve, or Die. I am a Shadowknight, my family name is Plague, my true name is given unto my Dark Lord as part of my offering, to reclaim it i must take souls.
I shall reclaim my given name, and become a living nightmare unto all that walk this realm.

-ShadowKnight Plague

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