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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:47 pm 
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I scribe these words upon my sick bed, Evl forces are upon us all, and i fear even the gods may not see what lurks within the shadows of Evil. I was in my small boarding house preparing arrows for the next raid when the alarm was sounded but loyal and true defenders of light. I grabbed an extra quiver of special made elfine arrows that I keep on hand for just such an occation.

I rushed to the docks of the Last Alliance booking passage to nearbye Frostdale where the Mighty Warrior Chode had sounded the alarm. Word had filtered to him the form a deep waking dream. He had been summoned to a place of the Gods. Many an unpleasent vision unfolded before his newly crowned 40 eyes. truely he is blessed by powerful forces that the Gods douth speak unto him in person, how i rejoyce in the knowledge that such might adventures stand at my side.

He relayed the details as best he could, being primarily a fighter, the gift of gab is not his strong suite, but place a mighty sycthe in his strong hands, and All Athenia shall quake. His hulking Gaze has ened many a fight before it began. At his side where many of the Alliance a tss and many others who being afar, had send messages that they would drop their personal persuites to aid in this Godly Quest.

Chode Spoke in a horse whisper, it was not fear, but urgent terror for he new better than most the deadly perial lay ahead and that many that dared answer the call would not return. He spoke of visitions bestowed upon him by his God Banjo, God of the Sockpuppets. He discribed this wonder to us as a mighty Vision with muiltpul arms with many smaller gods upon his hands. He spoke of Gods that he had heard of before,of how Banjo did speak, and wiggle a hand and then in a blinking of an eye that puppet of the other god did carry out his words. This sight alone made his down his Flagon of Mead and demand that the slaves row faster to Sleeth. The whips where cracked by Large Lizard like creatures said to rule over all others in that city of Dragons. A place i have seen one time too often in my long Elvine life.

Young Bunny Poo one of the younger Bards of our allaince had now come on deck to relive herself for it was her first open sea voyage to Sleeth, she was comforted by Miriam, and Elliot of Hns, who took pitty upon the young one. ShinShan was less kind, for he spoke of not wishng to risk his life for gods that he did not serve, let alone entrust his life to new warroirs that in his eyes were unproven, to this Bunny Poo unleashed the fury of her song, bring Shin Shan to his knees at her side. After relieving their stomachs of bitter worries and finally bringing a smile to the mighty Chode's face he finished his tale.

Chode spoke of his visions, how that he knew that others would fail to answer the call of the light, and that every one here would recieve their reward be it after the battle, or in Valhala. He told us to spread out search all of Sleeth to find anything that looked wrong , unusal, out of place, his vision showed a simple wooden door that would elad us to victory or our doom. We ran through out Sleeth engaging in several small well fought battles, one brave warroir of the Highlord clan defend his home well, until we sued for peace explaining we where here to aid, not harm. He had no news to share but did also look for this strange door as well. Alas this door was not revieled to us if we were in time i cannot say, but Last Coyote used wizardty and deaonation to determine the door was hidden form mortal eyes and that we might yet be in time to save our beloved Athenia.

Chode prayed to his God for insight, but what was revealed was beyond his ability level to understand, let this be a lesson to all the young who can bearly read, put points into INTELLEGENCE, learn all that you can. We left the city unfullilled and in need of answers. Chode said that we where in time to hold back the darkness; but Evil still awaits us in the near future. Will we be able to save Athenia, i cannot say?

I was scribing these words when i was struck down in our courtyard, only to be raised again by the gods, and struck down once more. I managed to drag my wounded body to my lodgings to heal form my injuries, the battle for truth and light continues, be ready my children be ready.....

....Hunter Deathstriker 8)

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