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 Post subject: A Moment Shared
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 5:46 pm 
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I was taking a visit to Avendell feeling like I’m on a vacation. The previous night was rigorous as the city was overwhelmed with demonkind. And, ya know, I just needed some RnR. I drank in the Hilltop Inn, shopped at Avendell Clothing, bought some new boots. I was having a perfect evening.

I was chatting with an acquaintance when I spotted a very appealing young lady a few steps away. I thought this could make my date great! I dismissed my friend and approached casually.

“Well hello there,” she said.

Her looks intrigued me. I’ve always been intrigued by females. She told me her name was Letoette. Sensual. She then asked me a question. It is dangerous for me to be asked this question for if I’m asked it I have but one answer. Yes. Asked by an old, heavy bar wench with no cold ale,… well, I might evade. From this lass I had no hope.

Letoette asks, “Have you ever been Curious?”

My mind replied, “Are you kidding? All the time!”

The reply from my lips, “Yeah.”

She took my hand and smiled and I don’t remember a thing from there. I awoke what seemed a moment later but it may have been hours. Twilight was nigh. I know that much.

I stood up from behind the bar… just kidding. When I came to I was not lying in a ditch or on the porch of the tavern. I was simply walking along the main strip in Avendell. Not too far from where Leto and I met. There was a freshness about me. Almost a skip in my step.

I was really struggling to remember what had happened. All I knew was that I felt pretty in tune with myself. Then I saw my friend and approached. He was smiling.

He said, “Where’s the girl.”

“I don’t know. She’s gone. But all least she made me feel good.”

He laughed and replied, “Oh. She did more than that!”

Puzzled. I just looked him. More laughing. And thus more puzzlement.

Terribly vexed I said, “What!?!?”

He said, “Here’s a hint.”

He pulled my hand into view. I gasped. I stared at him in disbelief. Frantically, I pulled back my robe and inspected my leg. Oh No!

“Dude! I’m a GiRL!!” He was laughing so hard he had to sit.

I was in the street stating aloud, “So. I’m a girl now?” On lookers gawked.

“She turned me into a Girl?!? Are you serious?”
Quite shocked, I sat down next to my very amused friend. The crowd dissipated, disappointed. I think they expected a better show.

Still laughing, between ‘Ha’s’, he said, “Well. At least you’re good looking.”

I said, “Some consolation.” Though inside I was thinking, ‘this might not be soo bad.’ 

- Miss Glow -

So as a former dice game DM, (though not a very experienced one) I’ve always been a fan of living with mistakes and not always correcting “poor” decisions. If no “negative” consequences are possible then no “good” ones are justified. I’d like to stay female cause that’s what I would have had my players do. (unless they pitched a huge fit which I’m not. This will be fun especially since there is a cool story behind it.)

So I’m girl now. But… Can I at least get the voice changed? and the picture? I’d like to role play a female and at least this one has a good story as to why, but do I have to be half-female/half-male? Can I get fully converted?

Anubis offered to let me change back in the game and I declined. It was he I was “chatting” with. A kind DM. Thanks for the offer. I’ll stay either way. Just would prefer to be whole. Let me know if I can be helped.

Great fun. Cheers.

- Glow -

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