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 Post subject: Chaos awakened
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:45 pm 
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Lilly was just returning from the Inn of the Half Eaten Goat with Aiea the Chaos's supper. Succulent Lamb chops marinated in a fine Elven red wine served with new potatos. Lilly opened the door to the Horsemens Guild and could hear the conversations in the common room. Nat and Cent were at it again. The joking and teasing always passes the time. Lilly knocked on Chaos's door. Several moments passed. She knocked again. It was not unusual for her to not answer. Her heart was broken.

One day he just disappeared. Bloodstone and Chaos had been training the new recruits and completing missions for the Alliance and then we was gone. Chaos mourned for weeks and then came to the realization that her sister needed her and buried her emotions for him. Bloodstone shuffled into the guild hall on a rainy evening. Chaos was overjoyed and their relationship seemed to not skip a beat. Everything was on track and Chaos believed that they would spend the rest of their days together. Over lunch one day Chaos asked Bloodstone to move into her apartment in the guild hall. Chaos went out a training mission with her sister Lilly and returned a chatter filled guild hall and some sobbing members. Rowdy pulled Chaos off to the side and explained that Bloodstone was gone, this time it was probably forever. All that had been found were some colored stones in a shallow grave. Chaos screamed. Tears stinging her eyes, she locked herself in her apartment. Hours she cried and ignored the many knocks at her door. Finally emotionally expended she collapsed on the floor. She dreamed a frightfull dream of Bloodstone's death. She awoke drenched in sweat and chilled to the bone. Going over to her amoire she noticed something out of place. A small bloodstone gem carefully placed on the top of the amoire. Angry and heartbroken she fainted.

Lilly tried the knob knowing it would be locked and felt it click. Carefully pushing the door open she whipsered, "Sis? Sis, are you here?" Lilly's voice echoed from the walls. She was gone! Dropping the plate, Lilly ran to the common hall and inquired about her sister's wereabouts. No one knew. No one had seen her leave. Rune sidled into the room and announced that Daeron had reported Chaos was there after the sacred relics. Off they went. Many hours passed and the Alliance brought the relics to the Castle at Neversummer. Chaos had been awakened.

The next day brought news to Chaos that boiled her blood. Lilly had come to her and reported seeing Bloodstone's cousin, Thunderstone at the Silver Road bend. It wasn't the sighting of his cousin that enraged her, but the colors he wore. The colors of dragon's SLAVE. Rumors circulated that Bloodstone had returned as an enemy to his once dear Alliance. Chaos calmly walked over to the amoire and place the small stone in her pocket. The stone that,if the rumors proved true, she would place to mark his grave.

Aiea the Chaos
Blood Orchid
Ange au Demon


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