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 Post subject: To those who helped me:
PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:19 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:01 pm
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Hey guys,

Some of you know me as Lady Beatrix or maybe Piety (or maybe you know all my toons!) but to many i'm a new (or unknown) face.

I wanted to thank a few people in particular for making my NS4 experience next level!

Chris - You taught me how to accomplish the things I wanted. You never know who your going to run into when you zone out of Neg plane. You got the sick builds, and yet never once struck me as elitist! A new player could not do better than running into Chris, if you got the right attitude he knows what you need to know.

AJ (and the EPW crew) - Thanks for running EPW, you guys not only helped me level my first few characters but also gave me my first reason to try to get to 35+. I look forward to coming on Weds and seeing all the builds and personalities. I love making specialist party builds just for EPW. And a way to get +4 books? You (and Torm the tag team champs) spoil us. AJ your effort and dedication is nothing short of legendary.

Tarias (and the EPWeekend crew) - Thanks for running the newish EPWeekend, it might be 2AM my time but its always worth coming! We usually have a tougher go on Friday then Weds, but you learn so much when its up to YOU to succeed or fail. You learn the maps and monsters really well when you have to clear everywhere, and if I ever wanted to attempt these places alone I have an idea for which strategy to employ. These guys are great, they don't care if your NA or EU, they are just happy to have people come. We need more people to come on these runs, but with time it will grow! Plus if there is one man I can count on for a fair trade its Tarias.

Wade - You set me up and asked nothing in return. Truly a great man, we are lucky to have you around. If you ever need anything just ask! And Mamba for his generosity to pay for hosting.

GrandMasterKill - Learning the server with you as a guide was some of the best memories I have here, thanks for your patience and good attitude! Although my early toons were bad you never made me feel bad for it lol!

DM Torm - Torm's presence always brightens up the server. You are the most active god, and a just god. I don't think the server would be alive and well without your presence. You've always been helpful and nice to me and my brother, running into Torm is always memorable and quite frankly awesome. Thank you Torm!

DM Baccob - Although a little harder to run into organically than Torm your presence is always welcome. I appreciate that you are on Discord if we ever need you. Just knowing there is a potential to find a DM on discord is a comfort to many. Dragon Eyrie Baccob style is always great fun! Thanks Baccob for everything you do!

Lokey/Mining - Mining i'm not gonna lie, I love your recent changes, smiting recharge and dev crit, fixing shifter saves. All things that help me day to day. Little things that make every build fun and keeps things fresh. Its so cool to read the change logs and see 2017 development! Dont nerf my builds pls! <3

Lokey thanks for all the work you've done and here's to hoping that you have more time to work again on the server some day, but its always good to see you kicking around from time to time.

Dep - Thanks for creating Neversummer. We've unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting/talking but I do appreciate what you've done. Even in 2017 this mod still brings people happiness.

And of course anyone who has traded me some books I needed!

There are more names that could be added, and everyone has been nice and accommodating. But these are the people that new players need to run into. Without any of these people the server is a duller place.

Hopefully there will be a need for another one of these sometime. Maybe i'll be lucky enough to make someone else's thanks post someday.
Although I'm a late addition, I love this game and server, thanks everyone who takes part in it!

AKA SketchComplex
AKA (HalfKoreanGamer on Discord)

PS: If your a new player (or old lol) feel free to contact any SkechComplex account and I'll do anything I can to help. I would very much like to pay the help forward someday!

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