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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:49 am 
Pk Bait

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this is just a IRC convo with the Tep man about a few things regarding the relic war.

I'm just posting this up to see what you guys think about what happened in the last one :wink: and what would be better.

AS you can all see, Tep doesn't agree :cry:


<NSJava> yo
<NSJava> you AFK?
<Tep> who's this?
<NSJava> Val
<NSJava> hiya
<Valhor> yeah got some questions suggestions ideas comments
<Valhor> if ur interested
<Tep> lol
<Valhor> heh
<Valhor> just a few
<Valhor> concerning the upcoming relic war thing again
<Tep> throw them out
<Valhor> k
<Valhor> um i just dont see how any other faction besies la could possibly win
<Tep> win what?
<Valhor> first off nobody else in the other factions has the time to just sit online 24/7 and cap relics
<Valhor> the relic event thingy
<Valhor> you read the forums? :P
<Valhor> only LA or MD rather can just stay online forever capping relics and defending constantly
<Valhor> it's sort of a rigged game
<Valhor> its why LA keeps winning
<Valhor> whadya think about that
<Valhor> i mean how can anyone else win? we dont have a chance.
<Valhor> we don't have the numbers, nor the time
<Tep> BB beat out the md before....and they used to do the same thing
<Valhor> i have seen for myself
<Valhor> i know but that was when BB was actually a force
<Valhor> FoN is a force, TSS is a force
<Valhor> but none of them to my knowledge can sit online and constantly attack or defend
<Tep> you don't need to do it constantly..just do it right
<Valhor> thing is LA has enough numbers where its fine to have some on and some off
<Tep> i've busted up large groups of LA defenders with about 5 ppl
<Valhor> any other faction is struggling to have equal numbers to LA even when 75% of the raiders are online
<Valhor> yeah you can do it
<Valhor> but they come back in like 1 minute
<Tep> sometimes it only takes a min to get the upper hand
<Valhor> not when you only have a cut and dry time period to raid before someoen has to go to bed, work, school or what not
<Valhor> and the whole team falls apart, leaving LA victorious again
<Valhor> its happened 2 times so far
<Valhor> the exact same thing
<Tep> so what your saying need to make friends that play constantly
<Valhor> im saying, isnt there anything we can do to make it even this time?
<Valhor> i have friends on the server
<Valhor> but im talking about factions
<Valhor> only way to even win would be grouping with another faction
<Valhor> but points and relic event doesnt work like that
<Valhor> you cant win divided 3 ways
<Tep> no..but you can water down the numbers pretty fast
<Valhor> LA's numbers?
<Tep> yeah
<Tep> so i'm not sure what i can do..short of banning everyone that plays in LA faction
<Valhor> only way to do that woul be to team with both your allies and most likely another hostile faction
<Valhor> but everyone wants to win..
<Valhor> beacuse LA along has about 3x the numbers of any regular faction
<Valhor> lol
<Valhor> why not set up some rule?
<Tep> yeah...its always going to be that way
<Valhor> like x defenders per faction or something
<Valhor> even it out make it more fair and stuff
<Tep> what, that only 5 ppl at a time can play any one faction?
<Valhor> no maybe 4 can raid or defend at one time
<Tep> its not going to happen
<Valhor> bah
<Tep> you play the faction your defend/raid when you want
<Valhor> ight
<Tep> thats why is your game to play,not mine
<Valhor> right
<Valhor> yeah but im trying to find a way to show you guys that there needs to be some sort of balance in the numbers
<Valhor> or else LA will just crush again,
<Valhor> we might win in the beginning but over a few days..
<Tep> there will never be balance between the factions
<Tep> there is no way to make it like that and still have a pvp game
<Tep> every faction has a draw to a certain kind of player....LA players don't like being restricted, so they play there
<Valhor> eh
<Tep> they also think there is safety in numbers
<Valhor> yeah there is, but when a faction like nc has 1 player on, LA has atleast 3
<Tep> the server was designed around ppl choosing the playstyles they want
<Valhor> how can nc ever expect to win a relic war?
<Tep> its the way of the world
<Valhor> i mean isnt that what the relic war is about
<Valhor> then theres no competition for la
<Tep> relic war is for fun
<Valhor> you should hear the shouts
<Valhor> when relic war is going on
<Valhor> nothing but complaints
<Valhor> im just trying to bring this to the dms before it happens
<Tep> we already know the factions are imbalanced....its always been that way
<Valhor> i know it has
<Valhor> but for relic war why cant we see the strength of the indivual faction rather than just a numbers game
<Valhor> give another faction a chance to win.. atleast
<Tep> because teh event is held around a numbers game
<Valhor> lame
<Tep> lol
<Tep> i've seen small factions hold off larger factions and keep higher can be done
<Valhor> so you dont agree with me at all?
<Valhor> yeah my faction does that all the time
<Valhor> its a time/numbers game
<Valhor> theres no way around it
<Tep> i've held off multiple LA attacks in which we were outnumbered 4-1
<Valhor> and for some reason the MD folk can stay on all day if they want
<Valhor> which my factions or guilds cant do
<Tep> because they have no's that my fualt?
<Valhor> not ur fault lmao
<Tep> i'll post and tell them to get a job ;)
<Valhor> it just should be evened out so this no lives thing
<Valhor> trust me here
<Valhor> it will make it alot more interesting if theres some sort of rule against something...
<Valhor> and fun!
<Valhor> :D
<Tep> it can't possibly be evened out when the factions will never be even
<Tep> players don't play at the same times
<Valhor> i know they wont
<Valhor> yeah right now if u checked the server
<Valhor> i tell u it will be 8/15 are LA
<Valhor> more probually
<Tep> probably
<Tep> its the way the server is
<Valhor> i feel like were doing a circle :)
<Tep> we do
<Valhor> so theres nothing that can be done about it?
<Valhor> Anubis told me to post
<Tep> nope
<Valhor> but id rather talk
<Valhor> so if i posted?
<Tep> its cool..i'll let you talk
<Valhor> would u shoot it down?
<Tep> i'd still tell you that nothing can be done
<Valhor> dam u
<Tep> and i'd tell everyone to stfu
<Valhor> gah
<Tep> :)
<Tep> and slap anubis around
<Valhor> cmon Tep, ban LA for like 1 day
<Tep> haha
<Valhor> let the other factions duke it out
<Valhor> i guarentee it will be fun
<Valhor> TC vrs SL, vrs MA, vrs NC vrs shishio lol
<Tep> there is a reason we do the event every so often
<Tep> that way that super power won't always be in control
<Valhor> right now
<Valhor> the other factions can dominate all day long
<Tep> and there is still a chance that some other faction could pull it out
<Valhor> but at about 3 am or right now, the MD log in
<Valhor> and take relics until the morning when someone else gets them back
<Tep> and they get 6 caps
<Valhor> but once the relic event starts
<Valhor> all these random arse La will come out of nowhere and start staying logged in all day
<Valhor> ull see this i tell ya
<Tep> why not figure out the strategy?
<Tep> i already have just talking to you
<Tep> ;)
<Tep> mind games are better than number games
<Valhor> um
<Valhor> i have ADD up the shiznoo
<Valhor> so i guess i missed it
<Tep> lol
<Valhor> ah whatever
<Valhor> u wont change it nomatter what
<Tep> i can't change it without banning every LA player...and thats cheating
<Valhor> like i said u could a some sort of rule
<Valhor> attempt* to even things out a bit for everyone else
<Tep> that would be cheating too
<Valhor> like spicing up the event a bit
<Valhor> hmm
<Valhor> can i put this conversation on the forum lol
<Valhor> ^^
<Tep> lol
<Tep> me telling you no
<Valhor> i bet u everyone would agree with me
<Valhor> yea but they could see what you say and stuff
<Valhor> could be useful
<Tep> if they all log into vent..i'll tell them the same thing
<Tep> ;)
<Valhor> so do u care if i post this?
<Valhor> or no?
<Tep> i don't care
<Valhor> sweet
<Tep> it won't change anything
<Valhor> meh
<Valhor> its worth a shot
<Tep> any rules made to govern the numbers game will hurt you also....its a double edged sword
<Valhor> no it wont hut us
<Valhor> hurt us
<Valhor> we dont have that many
<Tep> will ;)
<Valhor> lol then add it and see
<Valhor> we will rock the house :)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:03 am 
Looking for group
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got say i agree with both statments here, there is nothing that can be done to stop LA's hold on the relic war there numbers are to many.

There could be something i guess wait till last day, time ya logins cap relics let la take a few, have a second team set to kill the thievies and return relics but would need to 100% sure and timed perfectly.

oh and roflmao at Tep stfu all heheh.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:22 am 
Lord DM Supreme
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yeah....its not gonna happen

stfu you's guys...

and i'll slap anubis when i see him ;)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:27 am 

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Bah! Who cares about numbers.

But I do think the event could be shorter. Seriously if the event is a moot point, why do it over 3 days. Run it for 4-6 hours Sunday afternoon/evening or something like that. Seems like that would be easier for all involved :).

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:20 am 
Newbie Helper
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what you need to do is another poll, include only LA memebers. "what time are you not on?" and run the event during those few hours :lol: :lol:
at least you don't have to compete against 20 other players for Faction MVP All shishio had to do was show up and he got it :D


PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:58 am 
Dungeon Master
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Nothing stopping you from running that poll. I know that ALL the LA members will be willing to let the server know when they are off-line.
:D :D :D :D :D :D

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:35 am 
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<Tep> i'll post and tell them to get a job ;)

:roll: Well? We're waiting. :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:00 am 
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If you don't want LA to win, you just play the game that way. I know personally there is no possibility that either AO or RK could win, as me and Shishio are the only ones in either faction who raid frequently with some success, so we'll probably just end up doing something to make someone else not win. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:20 am 
Looking for group
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Exactly what Gary said...Don't play to win, play to cause as much trouble for LA as possible. It works very well.


PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:51 am 
Professor Nerfalicious

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In order to win I think the other factions will have to team up and allow for one faction to gain all the relics...probably SL or NC... so everyone except LA raids and allows NC or SL to cap all the relics.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:59 am 
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:04 am 
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*cleans up his vomit* this topic disgusts me. "says something about growing a set of certain organs"

However in the intrest of being a concerned citizen:

I saw this same fact so I committed myself to raid with my kst/TC toons during the event. Figure it out with your allied faction or join a different faction for the purpose of the event and raid with that toon. Next time the event happens I will be raiding with my RK toons. I like to switch it around. If you frustrate your opponent they tend to not want to participate anymore. Do as the dwarfs said above and run in when others are raiding and cause confusion.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:33 am 

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I don't think its a moot point, I don't think LA is guaranteed a win, but only if the event is much shorter. Give them time and give some of those how do you say, hopeless romantic/lost cause hero types they'll put the game out of reach for the other factions quick fast and in a hurry. When trying to reason with one particular raider about not taking his relic out of LA he replied and I quote "I just have to cap relics faster than they do!!" A valiant if not delusional strategy.

If the relic event lasts for several days, then while I will participate I won't put in the effort I would if it was held over a shorter period of time. I think it would be interesting to see what kind of chaos can happen over that shorter period of time. It would give smaller factions more chances to pick off returning raiders through ambush and allow for a lot more uncertainty as to the outcome. The only way there won't be a large amount of chaos if the event is held for a shorter period is that everyone is too discouraged already. However, given the rising activity in SL and TC means there are at least 4 factions that I can see anyway, that will be having some heated battles. If anything, it should make for lots of fun.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:35 am 
Lord DM Supreme
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i think some of you folks need to get a job.....;)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:39 am 
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Lol i agree, i am writting this from work. I forgot to mention in my above post, I saw that the MD was used when refering to LA faction. Just to set the record strait, there are more IO in FoN and NC than there are old members of MD in LA. Infact alot of the people you would think and i thought were members of the old MD guild werent. So lets set the record strait

LA noobs we are, old MD members we are not.

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