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Use of these Forums is a priviledge......
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Author:  DM Fire [ Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  Use of these Forums is a priviledge......

These forums are provided for our community to discuss several aspects of the community itself. The abilty to post here in these forums is a priviledge we provide you, it is not a given right.

Effective immediately, I will be reviewing any forum transgressions as a request by said transgressor as a desire to no longer be welcome here.

We have staff in place to handle any issue that arises. We handle the issues 99% of the time AFTER the issue is reviewed by the DM/Dev team. We have always approached any issue with fairness and equality as best we can.

Leave the moderation and discipline to us. We can read all the posts here the same as you. We do not need people telling us what to do. We do not need people to point out publically any issues. If you see an issue and it has not been addressed, then report the issue thru the use of Private Messaging.

Consider this your final warning.

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