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NS4 Tweaks
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Author:  DeputyDog [ Mon Jun 13, 2005 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  NS4 Tweaks

Adjusted the CR, HP and saves on various creatures in Frostdale
Should give more xp now and not die from insta death as easy.

Watch out for Winter Wolves and Polar bears. Both have had cr adjusted to 16 ish and pack a a little punch now for your leveling pleasure. These will get future tweaks to make them more then just an annoyance.


Sunken isle creatures all got bumped to 20 cr min. Drops should improve.
Bosses got a bump in cr as well.


- Added a rift in the Goblin Hut in Dark Forest. <------------------

- Fixed a mistake in Black Hills NW area and Shell's
- Put in an area check to catch areas that don't
despawn properly (should fix broken areas).

Post bugs, or suggested corrections to monster abilities.


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