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Illegal Character and Log-in Names
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Author:  DM_Sultan [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Illegal Character and Log-in Names

There is and always has been a rule about Character names as well as Log-in names on NS4. It is clear that some decisions made in the past to allow certain founding players to keep less than acceptable names is now emboldening others to follow suit. Because this is a family friendly server and because the rules are in place about names, any questionable Character name or Log-in name will now be subject to deletion. This goes for anyone who has an account or a toon that was an "allowed exception" in the past. If you have an account or a toon with a derogatory name, sexually suggestive name, vulgar language name, or anything that breaks the naming rules, I suggest you make another account/toon with a name that doesn't break the rules and move your gear/books to the new location. The old location won't be there much longer.

If you have any questions, PM me and ask or see me in-game about it. Rule of thumb, if you are asking, it probably isn't legal, so don't do it, just get rid of it by visiting the Angel Devil.

Family Friendly, Have Fun, Play Nice or Be Gone.


Since the question comes up from time to time, account names are limited to 32 characters, character names to 31 characters. Try to keep them well shorter than that, please. (It's an oddity in the game code, longer names cause the network code to do some weird things that cause lag.)


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